Why CTS?

Inadvertent Overcharges Are Commonplace…

Impermissible Pass-Through Charges Waste Precious Capital

Why CTS? We’ve Seen Just About Everything and Then Some.


CTS Has Reviewed in Excess of 600 Million Square Feet of Leased Space and Successfully Negotiated the Recovery of Hundreds of Millions in Rent Overcharges.

CTS Pinpoints Opportunities for Recovering Capital Based On Inaccurate Billing Methodologies and Impermissible Expenses Related to Your Unique Lease Terms & Landlord Pass Through Charges. The accuracy of these billings is based upon some of the most complex portions of a lease agreement. Without an in-depth review, commercial tenants rely solely on the landlord’s interpretation of these provisions.

Lease Auditing Is a Complex Task That Should Be Undertaken by a Truly Independent and Experienced Advisor. Our audit teams have vast expertise in building management, building operating systems, forensic accounting, commercial real estate legal principals, lease and clause nuance, landlord billing structures and methodologies, and utility audits. A lack of expertise in any one of these disciplines will likely result in an incomplete lease audit and can leave money on the table.

CTS Effectively Combines Three Comprehensive Skillsets to Contain Lease Spend
Commercial Real Estate

We Understand How Buildings Run and How Leases Operate

Accounting Expertise

We Understand GAAP, the Numbers and the Methodologies

Legal Principals

Our Decades of Experience Affords Us a Deep Knowledge Base of Legal Issues and Language Interpretations