I Love My Landlord

and They Are Always Helpful!

Heart in City

“Anytime I have a question, my landlord answers right away and supplies documentation.”

It is great to have a responsive landlord…however; are you asking your landlord for the correct materials? Is your landlord delivering the appropriate explanations? Certainly glaring questions should be discussed between landlords and tenants; conversely most tenants and landlords’ employees are not experts in the fields of proper operating expense and CAM allocations, complex Real Estate Tax issues, and complicated building operating systems. Our Commercial Tenant Services, Inc. (CTS) Lease Audit Team has decades of expertise in these areas as well as knowledge of utilities, lighting, building management structures, and lease language.

The larger overcharges are not often found in a desktop review. Our successful deeper dive approach provides for the greatest recovery opportunities for our clients.

“I don’t want to cause a conflict with my landlord.”

Neither do we. In fact, by correcting billing errors, it usually strengthens relationships and respect between landlords and tenants. CTS never contacts a landlord without a directive by the tenant and we have success with many clients by standing in the background as a trusted consultant. We are always respectful with communications with landlords and lease audit is now a best practice and commonplace in the industry.

“My landlord says they supplied all they can and that all the other tenants accepted their explanations.”

We certainly appreciate landlord communication; yet if pieces are missing then the puzzle is not complete. Frequently, each building occupant has different lease language, which is just one reason your landlord should not compare tenants. Lease specifications are customized to your space only. These responses usually raise a red flag that complicated and often inaccurate billings may follow.

The majority of overcharges paid by tenants are unintentional. Simple errors create billions of dollars in tenant overcharges.

CTS is an acknowledged leader in our industry for almost 30 years. We are very sensitive to the landlord/tenant relationship and thoughtfully and diplomatically move forward with a resolution, ensuring our clients guide the way. CTS successfully serves the world’s most respected organizations including numerous Fortune 100 companies. Please call us to discuss how CTS may help your company recover past overcharges and decrease your real estate spend.

Just remember, your landlord loves you too!