We Forget Landlords Make Mistakes, Too.

Desperate accountant at desk

Lease Audits with Commercial Tenant Services (CTS)

Overcharges and mischarges are common. And incorrectly calculated escalators can easily lead to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more!) in overcharges across a lease term.

Operating Expense / Additional Rent reconciliations are surprisingly complex with hidden calculations and component methodologies. Landlord staff accountants often do not even understand the nuances of these methodologies they punch numbers into, and often fail to address individual lease terms in larger expense pools.

Simple accounts payable scrubs by CPA firms or lease administration desktop reviews only catch the glaring errors. Having a true expert create transparency into your landlord’s accounting structure, and vet those underlying calculations and methodologies, is a strong step toward true long term leasehold cost containment.

CTS is a recognized leader in the lease audit services market that combines expertise with best-practice processes culled across close to thirty years of lease audit practice in creating leasehold cost containment profiles for some of the world’s most respected companies. CTS serves companies in industries across the board including 20 of the Fortune 100.

Lease audit has become common – landlords now expect tenant audits and are prepared for your call. But your lease audit is only as good as your lease auditor. Engage an expert and leverage true experience and expertise.

If you have any questions regarding lease audit and the bottom-line financial and compliance results it can accomplish, give us a call.