Space is Expensive…

Occupancy Costs Often Rate Second Only to Payroll

Just Some of the Many Good Things That Can Happen


A CTS Lease Audit Can Cure Current, Past and Ongoing Systemic Overcharges; Helping to Ensure Billing Integrity, and Recover Lost Dollars Which Go Straight to Your Bottom Line.

  • Immediate Financial Savings by Recovering Past and Current Overpayments.
  • Future Billing Integrity and Potential Financial Savings.
  • Avoidance of Ongoing Overcharges Through the Lease Term.
  • Critical Knowledge Base for New Transactions and Leverage for Renegotiating Lease Renewals.
  • Regular and Thorough Audits Help to ensure Only Proper Pass-throughs of Operating Expense Charges
  • Keeping Landlords “Honest” and Providing a Deterrent to Improper Charges.
  • Brings Your Budget Back in Line with Original Projections.
  • Augments Your Staff and Reduces the Burden on a Company’s Real Estate Team and/or Accounting Department.
  • Highlights Ambiguous Lease Clauses.
  • Identifies Ways to Improve Existing Billing Review Processes and Procedures.
  • Outsources Lease Audit Services to Arms-Length/Independent Professionals.
  • Peace of Mind in Knowing Your Bills Have Been Reviewed by the Industry’s Leading Experts.