Commercial Tenant Services is a Highly Specialized and Independent Lease Audit and Advisory Firm.

What We Do

We Help Fix Complex Billing Problems

CTS helps commercial tenants recover rent expense overpayments and prevent ongoing operating expense overcharges that are based on inaccurate billing methodologies or impermissible lease charges.

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Lease Audit & Recovery Process

Explore Opportunities to Maximize Savings

CTS examines all costs associated with your lease to identify billing discrepancies. Our proven processes recover overcharges and reduce lease spend, helping to ensure that all charges billed to you are compliant with your unique lease terms.

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Request a Complimentary Cost Analysis

Learn If Your Billing Statements Are Correct

icon-search-folderWith no up-front cost or obligation to pursue, this confidential Preliminary Lease Compliance Analysis (PLCA) is designed to assess if your lease charges have been billed correctly and whether or not a full scope audit is truly warranted. Learn if your lease qualifies.

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